G'day from Sydney, AUS

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G'day all, I've got a small collection of CPs atm but looking to expand my nepenthes collection when I can upgrade my greenhouse. Majority of species are grow outside here in Sydney, most Neps are outside in a mini greenhouse, only exception being the N. bongso and Cephalotus which are grown on a North facing windowsill


N. bongso

N. lowii x campanulata

N. ventricosa x alata ‘Luzon’

N. spathulata x spectabilis

N. X ‘Red Leopard’

N. X ‘Miranda’

N. X ‘Black Knight’

N. X unknown ‘wavy/crinkly leaf’

N. hirsuta x spathulata

N. bellii x caranulata var. robusta

N. unknown maxima X

N. veitchii x burbidgeae

N. ventricosa x truncata

N. ventricosa x insignis

N. X ‘Gothica’


S. psittacina

S. flava var rubricorpora

S. leucophylla

S. purpurea

S. minor

S. alata

S. alata ‘Red Throat’ x flava var rubricorpora

S. leucophylla x flava var rubricorpora


C. follicularis


D. ca*****

D. filiformis

D. spatulata






Un-named red var from Savage World Carnivores

Un-named green var from Savage World Carnivores

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