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Hey guys, I need some help from all of you, I have one Doinaea Muscipulla, she is really healthy...I think so haha, so these days I noticed that new small leaves are growing from other side of the plant, and I'm think that it could be a flowering stem, is ti right? thanks in advance ;D



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The problem with my peat moss is that it must be kept wet, the median temperature here is around 32°, really warm, so if the moss gets  dry, he begins to get roasted, it became turning coal :/ you can see this in the first photo, over the peat a few dark parts...:/

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That is a nice clump of vigorous, undifferentiated cell growth in the middle of your plant, producing quite a few small new leaves, like callus tissue does in sterile tissue culture.


Like others, it seems to me that your sphagnum moss is too wet for the general health of the plant, if it is that wet all the time. In warm weather it may not matter, but in cooler weather being so wet might encourage fungal or bacterial infection.

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