Nepenthes lowii in a fridge !

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Hi everybody,


Until now, I only cultivated lowland species. However I would try a highlander. In this purpose, I keep a young Nepenthes lowii from Wistuba received last week in a small fridge.

The plant is in pure sphagnum, inside a small plastic container kept closed by cellophane. Because of that, I must open the container to change the air sometimes.


All is placed under a light (Exo Terra Tropical Glo 5.0), not too much strong to avoid to burn the plant.


13,1°C at night... Seems to be good.


During the day, I have approximately 28°C. What do you think about this ugly installation ? :P

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I can just imagine MrsG's reaction if I did a set up like that. Actually I must agree with her anticipated view. I just don't see the point. I agree with corky only I'd find a better place to grow the plant and put a few more beers in the fridge

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Looks like a fun project, but yeah longer term it just seems like a pain in the butt.  And ugly :(


I think using a unit like this (a small fridge) might work better if it is attached to the back of a larger terrarium, like near the top.  This way the cool/cold air will replace the warmer air at the top.  Creating a convection current while the cooling unit is running. 

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Yes it's a very ugly setup, I must confess it and I don't want to hide this point.

I would make an installation more... Professional and interesting. However I don't have what I need for that. As I only have one highlander, for the moment I think it's ok. But in the future I will have to find another way to grow the plant.


In all cases, your advices reinforce me : it's visibly possible to grow N. lowii with these conditions.

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Just put it in a cool room, if you have a kitchen or bathroom that isn't heated all night that should work fine, daytime can be up over 30C, no problem. Growth might slow down but as long as nights are ~15C it should be fine.

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