New photos from my terrariums

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Hope you like them! :smile:


 15180511984_8281ac6b70.jpg   15800467365_7e4d456294.jpg

              Nepenthes ventricosa ´Red clone´                                                            Nepenthes truncata


15776799226_77327ea784.jpg  15615291937_4b6c15133b.jpg

                  Nepenthes fusca ''flared peristome''                            Nepenthes clipeata x (N. clipeata x N. eymae)


15802028672_d6b55f6d8a.jpg  15608297290_dcb1f17411.jpg

                              Nepenthes x Tiveyi                                                                  Drosera nidiformis


15615290127_6baab6b431.jpg  15798585671_810a2d8552.jpg

                          Nepenthes x Tiveyi                                                                         Cephalotus follicularis


15180508854_d32bc19eba.jpg  15181020543_fed62cab51.jpg

                               Drosera slackii                                                          Nepenthes spectabilis x aristolochioides


15776793346_da9cdceaf0.jpg  15800463035_b4ac683961.jpg

                     Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor                                                Nepenthes muluensis x lowii


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Kiwano: These photos are from four different terrariums.

Welshy: Thanks its also one of my fav plants. I have had it since 2012. I will give you proper measures and photo when I get home on Friday :-)

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  • 1 month later...

Im back for a while. My iPhone dont work at the moment so I must take a break from Instagram. By the way my nickname is snownyy there.


More photos andd stuff can be found in my blog: :smile:




N. ventricosa 'red clone'



H. heterodoxa x minor






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Tsih I'm so sorry! Seems like I need to translate my stuff in the future. Or maybe you should apply for a language course hehe :teehee:

My blog dont get that much attention when it comes to comments so I dont quite know what people think about my writings etc.

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