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Hello my friends,

i have really bad news about me and my collection.
On 15.10.14, there was a major fire here in Bochum, affected was my parents house. Only a few days before i returned from vacation.
Here are some links about it:







I also lived there in a seperated area with about 80m2 for myself, with private entrance and garden area.
My plants were located mainly in my section, nearly only indoor culture as most of you already know. In the last time i have not been a very active member but for sure a lot of you know something about me and my plants and the rarity of some of them.

On this day, unfortunately I have lost everything I ever have obsessed, all memories of the past, all possessions, all documents, pictures, data on the computers, all my documents and of course all my plants.
The only thing that has stayed with me on material things is my mountain bike, which was in the basement and my car which has been damaged by the fire, it has been taken away by the fire department to prevent even worse.
Even my hardy plants, mainly Pinguicula and some Drosera have probably not managed it because of the tremendous heat.
The fire department only protected the surrounding houses in principle and started to stop the fire when it was too late for our house.

Fortunately i could get my parents out of the house, my much beloved cat Mira unfortunately not. Unfortunately it wasn´t possible for me to save her as well, the fire had just lit too quickly. I had to decide between my parents and my cat.
At the moment I am totally exhausted and can barely sleep because of nightmares every night and must take medication to get halfway through the day.

I had recently received a lot of inquiries regarding plants. This is also the reason why I wanted to explain everything here and wanted to apologize for not answering.
Unfortunately right now I have to think about other things.

Best regards,

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sorry to hear that as soon as you are back on your feet send me a pm and I will see what I can do to help you rebuild your collection.

in the meantime focus on the fact that you and your family are safe and well

all the best in the meantime my thoughts are with you and your family

regards paul

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Terrible news and pictures Dani, I'm really sorry for all your losses but glad that you and your family are safe.

As it was told here, it is common knowledge that you are one of the best indoor CP growers around (Drosera, US Pinguicula, none could resist to you).

If I can be of any help to rebuild your collection, I will be glad to lend you a hand.


All my best.


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Danni, that looks an appalling event. The only good news is that you and your parents escaped.


I cannot imagine what it must have been like but I am not surprised that you are finding it hard at the moment. Although it sounds like the sort of advice you see in a Woody Allen film ("Oh you should see my therapist...") you may find that counseling is a genuine benefit to you as you move on from this.


In time I hope you can fall in love with a new cat, it won't be Mira but a new companion may help you refocus your life.


As far as your plant collection goes. I am sure that there are plenty of folk here who have had plants from you and can take leaf cuttings to help you rebuild your collection when the time is right.


With best wishes,


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Dear Dani,

I can only say that I think many of you in this terrible time as you. Your family is alive, it is true that this is essential. Your cat may be hiding somewhere traumatized and will return some time later.
I hope you quickly find the strength to rebuild you and when the time comes to think about rebuilding your collection of carnivorous plants, you can count on me too.




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Gut wrenching ordeal for you Dani. You must be utterly devastated at the loss of your companion , belongings and your collection.

To think I was whining on here at the loss of a couple of Ceph's recently.

Thank god you and your parents made it out alive at least.

You have a long journey ahead rebuilding your lives and possessions / collections but at least they can be rebuilt in time.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

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That is truly terrible. I am sorry for the loss of your belongings, and your much loved cat!


As for the plants it also much be gut wrenching losing all those plants, that you so carefully acquired and nurtured with utmost care and love!


Fortunately you and your parents are safe!


Stay strong Daniel, i am sure with the love and support of your parents (and with your love and support for them) all of you will come out much stronger and will start anew!


For now, all this must settle, and you must rest, because such a tragedy will be very draining on the mind and body!



Best regards Daniel, stay strong!

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Thank you so much for so many expressions of sympathy, that does really well, maybe it really helps a little bit.
My brother sent me some photos of my cat Mira now.
She loved to be outside, a real hunter, brought every day several mice home. I had foolishly let her in only a very short time before the fire started. After I was out of the hospital again, I searched for her. A window was just always completely open so she could get out at any time.
But the fire unfortunately blocked the way to the window.

But the worst is, according to the police the reason for the fire was most likely arson.
During the last 12 months it has on or directly next to our property three times burned, conifers were always lit. Every time we called the police, the last time the fire threatened to spill over to the house, why also firefighters appeared.
Later a trashcan of the neighbors was pushed to the entrance of the apartment below, which we have always rented, and burned there.
20 meters behind our house a grouping of up to 10 people used to meet. Other neighbors also felt already threatened, the police has nothing done about it.
I had also asked the police officers then simply to determine their personal data, but they did nothing. That was just kid stuff they said.
Since the fire, none of these persons are meeting more at this location.
In addition in not more than 800 meters distance in some high-rise buildings over 10 cellar fires have been reported during the last 10 months, the police cannot cope with the problem.

Best regards,

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Dear Daniel,


I am also really really sorry about what happened to you and your family, I was really schocked by the videos of the fire. I send you all my postivie thinkings to overcome this dificult time.


Of course, you can also count on me to rebuilt your collection when the situation will be better.




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Again many thanks for so many expressions of sympathy.


The last few weeks i was rather confused, often did not know what I should do in my free time and had actually very little contact with other people, I was somehow all too much. During this time I mainly have had contact with my brother and of course my parents.
Besides my hobby carnivores I droved often for several hours a day with my mountain bike, which is now at these temperatures unfortunately not too often possible. Honestly, since that day i have not used it at all.

Of course i miss my cat Mira so much, i cannot change anything and for sure i will never forget her.

But somehow i miss also my plants.
That's the reason why I decided to build up my collection again, to think about other things, things which I once had pretty great fun, maybe that will help somehow.
Unfortunately it will take a long time untill my collection will be as great as it has been.

Here's a photo of my decks:

And here you can see how it looked like, old pictures from 2007. For my sadness i do not have newer pictures.

The stainless steel decks and the frame are still useful.
Of my 4 terrariums of course there is nothing left, they are shattered and the glass is also mostly melted due to the incredible heat.
Of the terrariums actually just one has been extremely important to me, the one with my Heliamphora and Utricularia, partly just already quite old plants.
For the beginning the garage would probably have to serve as a location and later the downstairs apartment, which of course completely was devastated by the water of the firefighters.
Meanwhile the upper floor has been completely removed and these days the workers will start to dry the lower apartment, which probably will take several weeks.

Best regards,

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Hello all together,

after about one and a half years, the house finally is finished. It really took a damn long time, unfortunately much longer than expected. It has been extremely stressful to plan and to coordinate everything.

During this long period, i tried to rebuild my collection again in the basement of the now rebuilt house. The species richness of my collection is of course absolutely not comparable to what i grew in the past.

Meanwhile most of the plants from the basement are placed again in the house, only a few African Drosera are still in the basement.

Nearly all the South American Drosera have suffered in the basement, especially seedlings and a lot of them even died but i had even losses in some Pinguicula and Utricularia. It simply was too cold and partly perhaps too wet because of the nearly not existing air circulation.
But now in their new home they grow much better.

For Heliamphora, Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Dioneae, Darlingtonia and tubererous Drosera i simply had no place in the cellar during the last 18 months. But since a few weeks i grow again also 3 Heliamphora and one Nepenthes, also a gift. It´s a really good feeling and hopefully one day i will have a nice Heliamphora and Nepenthes collection as before.

I would like to thank again all the members (GFP and CPUK) and friends who helped me a little bit to rebuild my collection partially. Many thanks to you for your help.

For sure i will be again a more active member here on this forum, after this incident it simply has not been possible.

I´m back again.

Best regards,

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