Nepenthes burbidgeae, doing its best N. platychila impression

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This is a plant I got in 2010, originally from Borneo Exotics. It's always been a strong grower in my conditions and pitchers reliably on every leaf. Right now the peristome seems to be getting wider with every successive pitcher, and for that brief period between unfurling and folding back it's almost reminiscent of N. platychila...






And here's what it looks like now that the peristome has folded back a bit:




And a better view of the underside of the lid:




Thanks for looking,


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Thanks for your reply,there is a fair bit of variation as I am sure mine is one of those 24 from pig hill.Still one of my favourite neps and I hope mine carries on increasing in size even if it is at a slow pace

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beckieg - When it eventually decides to climb and I take some cuttings I'll let you know. It doesn't seem to be in a hurry, though! (Which honestly I'm quite happy about - loving these lowers!)



I've found some older photos which show how the pitcher morphology has changed over the years.


October 2010:




October 2011:




May 2012:




May 2013:




July 2014:




August 2014:



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Some of those pitchers also remind me of N. attenboroughii...  This species, is unlike nearly all its closer relatives, in that is seems to use the white color of the pitchers as a visual lure.  In my plants, the pitcher buds seek dark spots to grow in and this tendency is remarkable stronger in N. burbidgeae that in any other species I've grown.  N. ventricosa, N. villosa, N. sibuyanensis and N. burkei do like to bury their pitchers, but it isn't quite the same behavior.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


I managed to dig out a pitcher photo from 2010 which I've added to the series above. Turns out the plant was a bit bigger upon arrival than I'd remembered. This is what it looked like when I received it in April 2010 (pot is 14 cm wide):



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