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The most outstanding, jaw dropping extreme red throated S. flava variants I've ever seen anywhere on this planet are from the Eastern Alabama population. We didn't get to see these plants in their prime, but you can tell based on these old pitchers that this is something extraordinary: the interior of the trap is bright red and the color extends up the lid a bit more than your regular rugelii normally does:





I think this might be a different clone, but very similar idea:


We also found some cut throat "leucophyllas":



Hard to tell from this photo, but the lid on this one was slightly white:


There were only 2-3 flavas clones in the entire population displaying this slight white top:


Population size here was decent, there were a few patches like this:




Some were rather gigantic:


Pretty much every flava here had a beautiful red throat, although I didn't capture much of that:


From left to right: Damon, Kate, and Axel amongst this beautiful patch of well-defined red throated rugeliis:


A giant clone:


and last but not least, a really giant yet funky looking trap:


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Really splendid!


Thank you very much, Mike!

In situ plants are always beautiful!

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linuxman-if you go by the book, you can probably call it an ornata, although there were only 2 plants in whole field that had this amazing characteristic. There were no other ornatas here, so it would be surprising if they were "real" ornatas. I call them extreme red throat because it's a very distinctive characteristic that is unlike most other ornatas.

Gauthier-you're very welcome, glad you're enjoying them!

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