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I brought these inside about a month ago, so they still have a lot of their bigger leaves from growing in less light but now have a lot more colour from the T5's.  Soon they will be more compact than this, except for the D. tokaiensis which is still adapting to the change and is getting bigger. 


Left to right, Drosera x [anglica "CA x HI" x "Lantau Island"], Drosera x [tokaiensis x "Lantau Island"], and Drosera tokaiensis.  



D. tokaiensis



Drosera x [tokaiensis x "Lantau Island"].  I won't propagate this one because it looks so similar to it's parents.  Right now it looks pretty much exactly like D. sp. "Lantau Island", many months ago it looked more like D. tokaiensis



Drosera x [anglica "CA x HI" x "Lantau Island"].  Question about this one.  Does anyone think this could be worthy of cultivar status?  It's sterile, but very robust and easy to grow.  Similar to D. 'Watari', but with broader leaves and the potential to turn all red like D. sp "Lantau Island".  It looks similar to D. oblanceolata when red, so maybe I could call it Drosera 'oblanceonotta'. :P  Let me know what your opinion is. 





Thanks for looking!

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Hey ! :)

It's beautiful droseras!!!

1 question, What is their minimal temperatures winters for Drosera x [anglica "CA x HI" x "Lantau Island"]?

i thinks it's beautiful drosera, you can create a name ;)

Thanks , Lucas

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Thanks everyone!


@Lucas:  It's a hybrid of a semi-tropical plant and a tropical plant, so it does not get a dormancy.  Though it was growing well outside when temperatures were dropping to 5*C at night, but I'm not sure if it could thrive long term in those conditions.  

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