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Dear friends,

I share this petition for saving Pietro Pellegrini's Botanical Garden. It's the only place dedicated to the protection, conservation and preservation of the exceptional Apuan Alps floristic richness, including the beautiful endemic species Pinguicula apuana and Pinguicula mariae (named by Casper, who described it, in honor of the botanist and garden’s curator Maria Ansaldi).
We need your help for promote and protect this reality, now increasingly threatened by bureaucratic problems and the advance of the marble quarries who are devastating life and flora of these unique mountains, baptized “Garden of Europe”.

You can sign at this link:

Thank you for your support!

Giulio Pandeli - Coordinator of Conservation Projects, Italian Carnivorous Plant Society

 "Aquilegia" Society  –  Curator of Pietro Pellegrini's Botanical Garden














the habitat of Pinguicula mariae and P. apuana is being destroyed every day by the enlargement of marble quarries: 10653613_938598156156852_868406210340085

( pic from )



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you can sign this petition with facebook, clicking on "vota" (vote), and choosing "Area da tutelare" (area to be protected) or "Valorizzazione" (promotion) on Motivation.

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