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Hello Everybody


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Hello everybody!
Thank you for accepting me admin :-)
I am starting to grow some carnivorous plants in a terrarium which i need to setup and i need some help along the way so hopefully i can ask you guys :D

This is what i have so far, i brought these off ebay for £10 but would soon like to get some others and fill the tank!


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Welcome to the forum. Once you've been on here a while you'll be able to buy plants from members.

Thanks! Awesome i cant wait, i gotta keep these alive first and make a nice terrarium. Im abit worried encase i screw up but im giving it my best shot!

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Hello Sam and welcome.


This time next year you will be looking for a greenhouse to fill.


Good growing.



I hope so, thanks ian!


Welcome to the forum Sam.  A word of advice, update your location in your profile. That way there may be someone here who's near you who can supply you with plants.

Ok will do :) thanks for the advice!


Welcome to CPUK! :sun_bespectacled:


We've all gotta start somewhere! :tu:

Cheers buddy!  i hope to have a good and sustainable terrarium at the end :D

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