Drosera zonaria...flowering!

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Here is something that you winter-growing droseraphiles may appreciate.


A couple of weeks back I noticed signs of life stirring in several of my tuberous drosera pots. Most were from rosetted species just starting to break the surface with vegetative growth.


One pot in particular caught my attention. It was my lone D. zonaria 'large form' that has been growing quite well for me going on three years. To my utter astonishment this pot was beginning to produce flowers! For a moment I thought I had mixed up the pot labels but quickly confirmed that this was, indeed, my zonaria. Up until now I had never had this species flower for me and had never even seen a picture of one flowering! From what I have read flowering for Drosera zonaria is a rare event. I located my macro lens and decided to document this event. Here are the results so far. Apparently the flowers are produced long before vegetative growth commences -


September 29th



October 5th



October 14th



More to come later in the season!

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