FTS Evil Puppy -- A Werewolf seedling

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I chuckled to myself when I came up with this name while lying in bed one night unable to sleep due to the pain of my recent bike wreck.  FTS Evil Puppy -- what an oxymoron!  Puppies are so cute and cuddly, how could they possibly be evil?  If they are the spawn of a Werewolf Venus flytrap, I think that may qualify!   :D


I'm really just calling dibs on the name at this point because I haven't chosen the actual seedling that will receive the name.  Last winter, I sowed approximately 35 Werewolf seeds I obtained from a friend in Europe.  Out of the 35, 13 of them look like the parent plant in some way.  I'm going to grow them all out and then choose the most interesting one and name it: 


FTS Evil Puppy


Below are some photos of the leading candidate for the name as I took it out of tissue culture.  It was the largest and most vigorous seedling in TC.  I'm hoping this translates to life in soil and I'm also hoping for some nice coloration, as Werewolf is mostly green.  Several of the seedlings look like they may have better coloration than this one, so another plant could easily end up with this name.


In any case, here are some photos of the leading candidate to receive the name "FTS Evil Puppy":







I'm pretty excited about this little guy  :dance4:

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Does it work? 


I don't know yet.  This is the first plant I've taken out of TC.  Once it gets established and grows functional traps (traps in TC aren't normally functional in the normal way), I'll check them out to see if they work.


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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