Darlingtonia House October 10th 2014

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Hi Fred,

Real eye-candy there. No brown pitcher or tongue visible, is this what you mean by “plants prepared for the cold weather”?

Do you prune the plants, even the tongue parts, to reduce fungus risk in winter? Or are they just too healthy?

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Thank all for the good comments.

Swerfer, I trim off the dead / brown parts of which there is always surprisingly little.  I also removed thirteen half trays full of plants from the three double trays of my 1983 clone. They don't look any different.

The plants are still sending up new pitchers this late in the year.and the large Othello is still trying to sneak out into other trays, I had to reposition six stolons last week that were trying to tunnel out.

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Live Sphagnum or live Sphagnum / perlite depending on the state of my supply on potting up. The trays are undrained and flooded every 2 - 3 days in the growing season

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