spots in N. x ventrata pitcher

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my N. x ventrata believes to be a N. reinwardtiana ;)
Actually it is only this pitcher... Anyway, why does it behave like this? What are those spots? Nectar? Wax? Does it happen often? I have this plant for 14 years but i've never noticed this phenomenon.


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It is actually a lack of wax in those spots. Because the wax is missing (and is slightly white) the areas appear darker and often more shiny.


No idea what the exact trigger is for the production of these spots, but it seems more than one species can produce them.

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Thank you Johanovich, so there's nothing special...

I don't know about that.  Nothing very special maybe, but it is interesting none the less.


Do you have more photos of the plant?  Like lowii mentions, it might actually have N. reinwardtiana as a parent...  Several species and hybrids can show these spots, but the reason for them is not known and may have no function.  I think they are formed when the pitcher in still small but growing and some of the wax layer rubs together and later on separates--it doesn't damage the pitcher tissue, but it does remove the wax layer from those spots.

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