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Hi everyone,

In which substrate are you growing (successfully) your lowland Nepenthes?
For me, 30% peat moss, 10% charcoal, 20% perlite, 20% vermiculite, 20% pine bark works well but I am thinking about changing and I would appreciate any other recipe that proved to work well.



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Thanks for the answers.


@ Dimitar: which brand of coco peat and coco husk are you using?

Do you rince before using?

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Ummm, I have no idea about the brand, cuz I buy quite cheap those stuff online from large company that deal only with coco products here in Bulgaria. All I know is that they deal with Sri Lanka and import all from them.

Nope, I don't rince anything and I use straight. All products are washed already, so no salt in them if u mean that.

However, indeed some coco products and different brands contains salt in them because they wash them with sea water, so I would be careful...


The coco peat.





The husks.




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Thanks a lot Dimitar. The pictures are very usefull, as sometimes coco peat can mean different things depending on the brand.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks pmatil.


At the moment, I decided to go with the following:

20% peat moss, 20% perlite, 30% coco husk, 20% coco peat (ugro, recommended by some friends), 10% dead sphagnum


I like to have some peat, to acidify the medium, but I try to minimize its use based on the ecological problems associated with the "production". I guess 20% is enought to buffer the pH.


I'll post the results in the next months (hum, if I don't forget...)

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