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Traps closing without prey

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My indoor flytraps have had traps closing without prey in them frequently and it seems to be affecting their growth.  They close completely for many days or don't re-open at all, and if they do re-open, it;s only very briefly and then they close again.  


My first thought was that pests were triggering them shut, but if that were the case they shouldn't stay shut because they need continuous stimulation to seal shut.  


Then I thought it was something to do with the heat, but a cooling them with a fan did not help.  


Here's a picture to show what I mean:



They are growing in rinsed coco peat which shouldn't be the cause - all of my other flytraps grow well in it. 


Any info is appreciated.




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how many times has it happened?

It might be a creature that is strong or slippery enought to escape the trap after it is sealed.

etc worms can squeeze out of traps. Also canada might have some type of invertebrate that can push apart the trap, ask other canadian growers.

Many invertebrate can chew their way out such as wasps and earwigs. To check for these look for small round holes in the trap

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. 


Someone told me that the same thing happens to them and it's because of sudden temperature change.  This makes sense since my plants were a bit close to the lights and it's cooler outside now, so every night the temperature drops quite a bit. 


So maybe the fan will help after all.  I'll have to wait and see. 

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