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Well hello again! I used to be a member on this forum (same account) way back in 2007/2008. I had a bunch of venus flytraps,a sarracenia, and even a nepenthes back then! But then I went to university, and my mum isn't so good at looking after plants that require specific attention (e.g. carnivorous ones) - she's better with things like cacti, and a peace lily.


I was at uni for four years (I'm 22 now) and didn't have any carnivorous plants at that time - in my first residence there was no where to keep them, and I moved every year after that, most of which didn't have anywhere good enough for the little carnivores. When I graduated and moved back home, I was initially hoping I would get a job in my field up in Scotland (where I went to uni) and move up there but that doesn't seem to be happening yet. I got myself a new pitcher plant!


It's just a little Sarracenia (I don't even know the subspecies/cultivar) from a garden centre, but I am just so happy to have one again, you wouldn't even believe. So I decided to come back here as I remembered you all as very friendly and helpful. 


Though I can't believe I actually chose 'Username' as my username - I probably though I was so clever 6 years ago : P You can call me Tor. : )

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