My dots at 15 weeks (starting to look right)

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Hey here are my plants at 15 weeks old.. they are finally beginning to take the shapes ect of their adult forms :-)


we will start with my D.Spatulata just because out of all of them these already look like their adult form










then we will go onto D.Capensis although most are still small and normal one seems to have excelled ^^ so most the pics are of that one (you can see the little ones around him)








this is of my "other" lot see how behind they are still



Now comes my baby... lol its my fav one and is finally taking shape :-D I am soo happy with this one at the minute

its my D.Binata.












plus my normal 2 for size reference






Hope you like all the pics ^^






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Nice work, 15 weeks and already catching flies! :)


The next seeds I get will be D.binata, it looks great now that its taking its adult form!  My oldest are at week 7 I think and pretty much all look pretty much the same (D.capensis, D.tokaiensis and D.burmannii). D.regia is the only species I have that really looks any different at this age.  A couple of my D.intermedia have finally germinated though, so will see what they look like :D.

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Congrats.. My D.intermedia still hasn't done anything :-(

Am gonna get them indoors soon I think... Fingers crossed I have enough light Ect..

Yeah I didn't see much difference until like this lot of 5 weeks.. So you only have afew b4 they should start looking diff.. But they have been catching flies for a while now.. Some catch loads.. More than you are recommended to feed them indoors.. Which is odd...

I need some other species.. But will prob have to wait now till like jan/February.. That will prob be best..

Did you decide about the springtails ?


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Not yet, but I will probably order some from at the end of the month to test them out.


One of my non-carnivorous indoor plants has a colony of white springtails living under one of the pots, I managed to put at least ten into one of the seedling pots, but only one was caught by my biggest D.tokaiensis when I checked back later.


I've also been experimenting with feeding fish flake to some seedlings, seems it has to be removed after 24h or it will go mouldy, but the ones I fed do look noticeably bigger.  


Btw, are your D.binata or D.spatulata any particular cultivar/form/location or whatever?  Cant decide which D.binata I want to try, might try two types in one pot.

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Em not sure about the spatulata would have to look it up later...

But my binata is d. binata var. dichotoma or at least that's what the packet

Yeah I heard fish flakes work.. Havnt tried it yet though.. I may need to test it if I get desperate in the


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