Hello from Waltham Abbey ;)


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Hello everyone; I've been hanging around for a while now reading what I can about bog plants and how to keep them.


To that end I went to a large garden centre near me and bought a wooden tub which I lined with plastic and put a plastic pipe att he rear (where is the rear of a round tub?) and filled with Irish Moss Peat.


To this I added a Hardy Sundew (Drosera Anglica), a Sarracenia (Dixie Lace) a Venus Fly Trap, a Pitcher Plant and another Sarracenia; I have no idea what species the last three plants are as there was no difinitive labelling with them.


One question though, if I may... how can I best get moss to grow on the surface of my soil, do I wait until what small amount I have around the base of two of the plants spreads or...?


Great forum guys (and gals)... :)


Bog Garden

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Hi Richard and welcome to the forum.


Your tub looks great but I would be a bit concerned about the plant on the left - it looks like a Nepenthes x ventrata and will not be very happy outside in this country! I keep my Nepenthes in a cold greenhouse with lots of shading as they can easily burn in the sun. In winter it will need to be brought inside. Would need compost specifically for Nepenthes as well. Other plants should be fine outside. Did you just use pure moss peat? Some pearlite would help the drainage and allow the roots to breathe a bit easier. Hope this helps.


Best regards


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Welcome to CPUK !


I Agree with RickyM some perlite would have helped. don't know much about neps but they need specific conditions which they wont get outside.


regarding the moss the moss will spread from the bit of moss around the base or you could buy some live sphagnum moss and get that to take on the surface of the peat, im looking to start my own bog planter. going to get it ready over the winter and plant my plants out in spring.



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Thank you everyone for the welcome and the information regarding the Nepenthes.


I'll sort out re-potting it and bringing it into the house for the late Autumn / Winter period.


Has anyone got any ides on how to get fine moss to grow on my soil so that the bog garden starts to look more 'natural' (to me anyway)?

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