I need a good easy to keep pitcher plant

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Shoultsy, i only got into cp's myself about 18 months ago and started with a selection of sarracenias on my windowsill. Easy to look after, thousands to choose from, and they do great on a south facing windowsill.

If you're after something a little more 'exotic' to maybe hang in baskets from your curtain pole (trust me, you'll be looking to maximize that window space within days :laugh2: ), try a nepenthes ventrata or nepenthes sanquinea, to name a couple.

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I would go with a Sarracenia, maybe a purpurea for a first pitcher plant easy to grow and compact for a window cill

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I have looked around and decided i would like a Heliamphora heterodoxa. Are these easy to keep?

Helis are not that easy to keep. Getting the temperatures right can be difficult without a dedicated set-up. Like everyone else I'd suggest going for a sarracenia. Hybrids are usually easy to grow and can continue growing pitchers all summer. In my opinion S. x 'Juthatip Soper' would be a good choice as it's showy, readily available and straightforward to grow.

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