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I'm deeply sorry if there is something related to this already but, i found a way to preserve our plants traps. (honestly i think it works better with pitcher plants, but never tried with a Dionaea, so i'm not sure)
It consist in dipping the pitcher in hot parafin, so the water can be replaced with it, preserving the plant tissue from decaying over time. it has passed 1 month and 23 days already since the day i've done it and it still looks the same. Of course, it will lose some of it's color and the appearance will change a bit, but it works.
By the way, the one i used was a small pitcher, so it was rather easy to do, as the amount of paraffin necessary for the procedure was small.


The bigger one is a Sarracenia Leucophylla Red and the smaller one i don't really know as it came together with the live sphagnum moss i bought (it was only the pitcher)... but here are some photos



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