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So, it's my day off today, and i decided to take a closer look at my plants, since i have the time, and something bothered me a bit.


So i went outside and i immediately notice this wasp on the ground, and although it was still alive it looked like it was kicking the bucket. Didn't take notice much and i eventually fed it to one of my plants...Then i take a closer look at one of my Sarracenia...and it was filled almost to the brim with wasps!! Some of them were still alive!


Took a look at other Sarracenia and although they weren't filled up they mostly contained just wasps!! They were even some dead on the surface of pots!!


I know there isn't a hive nearby i would of notice it's just weird that there's a ton of wasps! Normally it's a few bees, some big ass flies ... Also last week i spotted some really big black wasp like insects flying around my plants as well...what the hell is going on?


I know that sometimes they like to pop around and shove their heads on the water that the plants sit on, but i never saw so many!




So, i mean is this normal? It never happened to me, as anyone ever experience this before?



Best regards!

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Wasps are really intelligent, social and kind hearted. Whats happening is when one wasp falls in its friends here its pitiful cries for help and are driven by their 'good samaritain' nature to go to help. They then too fall into the trap and the process repeats itself until the pitcher is full

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The volume of wasps caught you describe is strange though.

If these are what most people think of as wasps - yellow and black, I find they are rarely caught.


Mostly I find when a wasp is caught, it just chews it's way out.

You can actually hear the rasping sounds as they chew. Very occasionally I've found a wasp trapped with it's head poking out a hole (clearly didn't realise how fat it was :laugh2: )

But mostly just an exit hole. I also find they chew their way in, to get the easy food supply inside.

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Well thank you both for your replies


Yes these are the yellow and black ones you are thinking Phil, my plants rarely get these but it happens, but this amount is clearly out of proportion.


Anyway, they were about to die soon, from my understanding they start dying around this period of the year, so i guess no harm was done, and the plants had a nice meal :)

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I have a nice mature Sarracenia purpurea living happily on my doorstep, its pitchers chocka with wasps, apparently its quite common. A good natural fertiliser :)

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