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EEE 2014 Padova - BCP offer - personal delivery of plants


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Unfortunately, for some serious reason, so I can be on EEE only for a short time: I will be there only Friday 5th afternoon and Saturday 6th September morning.


So I can´t display and sell plants on the tables as usual.


But I can bring pre-ordered plants personally there! No other charge for postage, etc... Just please proceed regular order via e-shop www.bestcarnivorousplants.net asap and note the delivery on EEE. I will reply with details.

Please important note: This offer is valid only to 3th September which is dead line for the orders. I am very sorry, I will not sell any other plants on EEE display. Only pre-ordered plants/seeds will be delivered upon confirmation.


Looking forward to see you in Padova.


Best regards,


Kamil Pasek



[email protected]

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