Hey :-) my "dots" at 10 weeks old..

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Hey I was gonna post this on my other post about my dots (at 5 weeks old) but couldn't find it...

oh well anyway here are my seedlings at 10 weeks old (I can actually see them without squinting now...lol)


will start with vft, am a little worried about these as they don't seem to be growing really...

D.Muscipula (standard type I think) :








Next D.Capensis (alba) :








D.Spatulala :














am alittle worried bout these too.. as only a few came up and they are one of the ones I like the look of most :-s so fingers crossed for the little ones...lol


and lastly just a couple of pics for a size reference.. (the pencil is a normal sized drawing pencil)





that's all my seedlings for the min (I have some intermedia but none have come up I don't think).. so kinda pointless to take pics of them.. and also have afew diff varieties of vft but they havnt done anything either :-S


anyway hope you like the pics this is my 1st attempt at growing any carnivorous plants... and the winter will be here before you know it.. so hopefully everything will be good...



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Looks good, nice pics to see, at a similar stage to my seedlings :). I also have D.capensis Albino and D.intermedia (Mount Roraima), and like you my D.capensis is ahead with my D.intermedia not having sprouted yet... Are you feeding yours, and are yours in a greenhouse?

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Hey :-)

I don't think my intermedia are gonna do anything.. But you never know..

Mine are in the greenhouse at the minute.. Am currently debaiting how long before I get them indoors for the winter ( am leaving half and getting the other half in, call it a test really) so I wanna get capensis, spatulata and binata in for the winter as these dont really need a hibernation period.. (I don't think) just to see if I can keep them growing.. Fingers crossed.

No I don't feed them atm just because they are in the greenhouse and catch their own food ( if you mean fertaliser then still no..lol) but I do have some cultures of D.mel flies indoors for when I do eventually get them in (from mantids) so even during the winter I will be able to feed them indoors :-)

As I say just wondering when I should bring them indoors really (a lot of people say like oct, but being Britain am not sure if that will be too long)

I think they will be due a 15 week upgrade soon (pics Ect) my binata is looking good as it has started growing "proper" leaves now ^^ but I think that's like a week or so till I do that... It's on a calendar somewhere


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I'm feeling the same way about mine too, so I think I'll just keep them there until I "need" my valuable windowsill space for  something else lol.


As mine are inside I'm always worried about feeding them, I've tried fish food flakes on some of them, and noticed the ones I've fed are about twice the size as those unfed. Was actually thinking about buying some springtails used as feeders for dart frogs on the internet and letting some go in the pots (outside so they don't escape). Convenient having the flies! 


If I were you I would just bring them in sooner rather than later, its warmer so they will grow faster anyway, unless they got less light.


Look forward to updates, my fastest growing from seed so far is D.tokaiensis, they are my biggest "dots" at about week 3 :).

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Springtails I will say are a pain in the butt..lol you can't really use a pooter cause they seem to die, and getting them out 1 by 1 is next to impossible, usually I think you use a paintbrush or something like it to brush over the surface, this gets some in the bristles then kinda flick them into a frogs enclosure.. But this doesn't really suit for cp I don't think :-s

I keep d.mels cause they are pretty much the smallest ff's you can get.. And they are easy to breed. The ones I have now I have kept going from last Xmas. They can be a little smelly at times.. But all you need to get them going is readybrek really, also a big plus is that they can't fly..lol

Yeah the next update you should see a difference they seem to be at the point where they are beginning to look like their adult versions..not just some generic thing :-)

And they will have less light indoors they are in a greenhouse atm.. I have bought some led herb bulbs for them indoors but these being my 1st plants am unsure if it will be enough, plus they will be heated from above Ect Ect.. But if they survive this winter I should be a lot calmer towards it next year..lol


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