WARNING! Bulgarian online store for CPs. AVOID

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Yesterday I posted almost the same in the facebook in different groups and of course immediately have a positive effect, so I decided to post similar thread and here.

The owner of that store is Mr. Eftim Eftimov from Sofia, Bulgaria. Here in that forum his nick name is " Tares". He is owner of Bulgarian online store for CPs - http://carnishop.com/index.php?route=common/home

That guy steals pictures of plants of different people and he dared and stole and my pictures of Cephalotus, Dionaea, Utricularia, Sundews etc. Then he puts them in his site and presents the plants as his own under different names, cultivars, clones etc and lie the people for profit.

No matter what type Cephalotus or Dionaea u would buy u will end up with regular Cephalotus and Dionea. Some people already ended up with fake plants because once the people see these pictures of his store, they think that I'm the seller but I'm NOT and I don't have anything related with that person.

After my posts in facebook he deleted immediately  almost 95% of the items and the pics from his site but still some left and u guys can get an idea what I'm talking about just from that example:




Dionaea Coquillage????????10478578_321546131347563_638839839601961











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