Just got a pair of cephalotus


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Hi,  Just got back from Tatton and picked up a couple of cephalotus and they are not something that I have grown before.  The threads make interesting reading but I could do with a few tips if possible please.


The two I brought, the smaller darker one seems to be in a mixture of peat and perlite and the bigger one in straight peat.  For the night I have put them in my 8x6 greenhouse with my Sarra's in just over 1cm of rain water.

  • Should I repot the bigger one now or wait till next year? (50/50 peat perlite)
  • Should I leave them where they are or move them onto a windowsill (would be west facing) with my nep?
  • If I leave them where they are should I reduce the amount of water they are sat in?
  • Anything else I should be doing with them?

The plants are below any opinions would be greatly appreciated.







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Personally I would leave them as you have them until winter when they will need some frost protection (bring inside on windowsill) and a reduction in water to avoid fungal issues. Mine stand in water all summer long. I see no point in repotting them unless they are outgrowing the pots, which currently they are far from doing. Both of them are very healthy looking, which would indicate that they have no issues with the soil mix they are currently in.

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Totally agree with Mobile I keep mine in my greenhouse, stood in a small amount of water, during the Summer and bring them in to the house around October time and then leave them on a windowsill until Spring or when the chance of frost has gone.


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