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Catapult-flypaper trap on German TV in September

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Feed me ! Füttere mich ! The catapult-flypaper trap on German TV in September at "planet wissen".
A short trailer to announce the broadcast: A sundew is kicking a fruit fly with one of its catapulting tentacles and makes it stumble into the catapult-trap of a neighbour plant. A mighty fine draft for this filmlet. The scientific publication of the catapult-flypaper trap in 2012 in PLOS ONE has been a botanical sensation. Also the technology writer Volker Arzt became aware of it and recommended our (until now unique) HD-shots to the editorial staff of the scientific broadcast "planet wissen". The result: On September 11th our HD-shots will be on air for the first time worldwide on the German TV stations SWR (1:15 pm) and ARD alpha (3 pm). A broadcast on WDR will follow soon.


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