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Last year I had the quest to build a bog for my seed grown carnivores which needed very much to be replanted.
Low budget is a booster for creativity. So I did it with the material I already had or could obtain cheap.
I had some clean mortar tubs left and an old pond out of plastic. Some smaller pieces of pool liner from another friend came into this project.
I had some lime free quartz sand and some gravel without limestone, in exchange for some artwork.
And of course I have the facilities for ceramic parts in my studio.
Maybe some can benefit from these accumulated ideas or add some new ones.


Until I find out how to attach pictures from my computer you might view the pictures in a German forum about my patchwork (moorbeet) bog


In the end you will see nothing of these plastic parts. The different tubs allow different water levels and combinations of soils. The space between the different tubs is filled with gravel and covered with pieces of pool liner. On top there is a layer of substrate mixture as habitat for plant which require more dry conditions. Steep connections are covered with a layer of coconut fiber.



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Spring starts in my patchwork bog. Cypripedium parviflorum has already flowered am C.tibeticum was beautiful. At the Moment C.reginae is flowering but the picture was lousy. So I will show another highlight Iris chrysographes one of the darkest Irises.

They are now three years in this bog, grown from seed and first time to bloom





Gladiolus palustris since last year there starts to flower again with me.

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