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My little Avonia quinara ssp alstonii opened 7 flowers 1 afternoon. They open up over about 2 or 3 hours on a sunny afternoon, each flower lasts 1 day only. Since that day there have only been 1 or 2 per day. the plant is about 5cm across and 4cm tall. Thanks for looking.






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Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah I posted last year, I think it only had 1 or 2 flowers then. This year it's had well over a dozen altogether and still they keep coming.

I got it from Twobees.co.uk I think. The white flowered form has much larger flowers. I keep it much like a cactus, i.e. go easy in the watering, drier still in winter min temp about 10C. It's potted in grit.

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