B52 dying. Help or advice appreciated


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Hi all,


A couple of weeks ago, I bought half a dozen B52's from one of the larger UK online CP retailers. 5 of them are doing fine but 1 of them is not. I'm not entirely sure what is wrong though, as it gets plenty of sunlight and is situated in a couple of cm of rainwater. The container is being shared with 7 other B52's and they all seem fine. Any ideas as to what is wrong?









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yes agreed. thats a classic case of sun burn. the old leaves were not adapted to the amount of light they are now receiving and so will die.

perhaps this plant was a from a larger plant that had divided a number of times. this particular daughter plant may have been fairly shaded by the other divisions. now that it is separated and completely exposed, the amount of light it is receiving is too great

dont worry the new growth looks healthy and will be adapted to the higher light levels as it grows, as will all subsequent growth.

just leave it and it will start to enjoy the higher light levels, just remember to keep it well watered in this great summer were having

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That would be my prognosis as well.

All of the new stuff will be a lot hardier. You have to imagine that most of this stuff is propagated under artificial light and requires 'hardening off' to full sun. The new growth may be a touch smaller as the plant adapts but wont burn in the sun. They usually have much more vibrantly coloured leaves too :-D


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