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B52 dying. Help or advice appreciated

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Hi all


A couple of weeks ago, I ordered half a dozen B52's from a well known online seller (don't want to mention the name in case it comes across as discrediting them). 5 of them are completely fine, but 1 of them is not. Thing is, I'm not sure what the issue is. It has plenty of sunlight and it always in a couple of cm of rainwater. It's also sharing a container with 7 other B52's which are all doing fine. Can anyone see, using these photos, what the problem could be?








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First of all, and I know that many people don't agree, but I would stay well clear of perlite when growing VFT's. All my VFT's grown in perlite suffer and do not do as well as those with sand. So, if all the other plants that you brought are doing ok I would suggest a change of potting medium and a spray of Provado to count out aphids, etc.  




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