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Drosera paradoxa leaf cutting - any tricks?


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Hi everyone,


I'm struggling with my D. paradoxa: I want to multiply this lovely plant, but it doesn't work!

I tried leaf cuttings and even flower stem cuttings, in sphagnum, in water. Nothing...


Did anybody succeeded with this particular species and has a trick to share?




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Hi Vincent,


leaf cuttings of the Petiolaris complex Drosera are a little bit more difficult than all the others.

You have to remove the hole leaf with it´s base. This works relatively good.

I keep my leaf cuttings in water.


Best regards,


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You have to make what are called "stem/leaf" cutting with members of the Lasiocephala subgenera.  This is exactly the same kind of cutting that work in Cephalotus, if you are familiar.


The best technique I've seen is to use a razor to divide the plant into sections of four-six leaves which are still attached at the stem.  Take each of these and place it in glass vial along with a tuff of living Sphagnum.  The vials should be a little longer than the leaves.  You gently wrap the moss around the stem section.  Slide the moss/drosera plug into the vial to the moss and stem are at the bottom with the leaves reaching out of the moss and up toward the opening.  Make sure the moss plug fills about 1/3 of the vial, then seal it.  Place the vials under 24 hours lighting for 2 weeks, make sure they are warm.  You should see the roots form right through the glass before you see new leaves.


I'm sure the different species will enjoy different amounts of water in the vial, just as they seem to in the wild.  The more dry they grow, the less wet you make the moss to prevent rotting of the cuttings.

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I've taken some cuttings of my D. paradoxa by gently pulling several leaves at the same time, in order to include the basal parts. This allowed me to keep the mother plant intact, or almost, as I repotted it at the same time.

I've placed the fragments in a small box with sphagnum and a lot of water, without cover (I tried with cover but I have fungi attack within a few days) in my lowland terrarium.


After about 1.5 month, I saw something sprouting. And yes, after a couple more week, I confirm it's a small Drosera. Growing very quickly, actually.


I'm not going to start a nursery based on the results, but I'm very happy anyway.  ;-)



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