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Darlingtonia update


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It has been quiet on the Darlingtonia topic for some time now. Thought I ought to post some update photos of my Darlingtonia bogs, maybe to stimulate you to do the same. I love to see your Darlingtonia set ups. Here are mine.

A small update, I flooded the bogs for over a week, to get rig of possible weevil grubs. On top of that I also treated the soil with nematodes after drainage of the bogs. There is no sign of disliking by the plants.
14597579363_79cc33d335_b.jpgIMG_6840 by swerfer, on Flickr
14554398616_5422d6a98e_b.jpgIMG_6838 by swerfer, on Flickr
IMG_6838 by swerfer, on Flickr

14390869359_2320273507_b.jpgIMG_6839 by swerfer, on Flickr
14574135021_7723b153af_b.jpgIMG_6835 by swerfer, on Flickr

Tapping down the live Sphagnum from time to time, in the big shaded bog, really helps to control the overgrowing quality of the Sphagnum.
14390793240_66079691d4_b.jpgIMG_6846 by swerfer, on Flickr
14390858909_b2d564c359_b.jpgIMG_6845 by swerfer, on Flickr

Thanks for looking, comments are welcome.


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Why your plants are in cages? Couldn't you make photos without them? :/ Beside that, they look delicious. :)

The cage is for keeping the blackbirds out. They love fresh Sphagnum, probably for nesting material, but they also like to scatter through the Sphagnum for food. 

I rather fancy my construction. It is either this or a pillaged Sphagnum bog. Simple choice.

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According to my knowledge, there are special devices to scare away animals. They produce ultrasounds when they detect movement near protected area. I don't have one of such myself, I have a cat... and a dog... I learned about those devised just recently, I have no idea how good they are, but there is one person who invested n it, so when I will have more information how it works, I will write.

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Swerfer you asked for other growers darlingtonias. Well, here are my outdoor plants.


This is an outdoor bog container I set up a few years ago containing not only darlingtonia but also 2 S. purpurea and D. rotundifolia.. Unfortunately the sundews have been swamped by the moss and the sarras get eaten by slugs. I think I'll remove the purps at the end of the season and keep them in the greenhouse.


This is just a single darlingtonia that has spread by stolons.




The stolons go round the container several times. I find these offshoots grow much faster if you leave them attached to the mother plant - so it's a quick way of getting adult plants.


Here's my other outside container with 2 separate darlingtonias in their second year now. The one on the left is a seed grown example from Siuslaw NF and the other was a bought at an open day.

And it's producing stolons already.


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