New nepenthes just arrived, need some help

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Hello, today my nepenthes truncata pasian i recently bought, it arrived in the morning and was smaller then i was expecting... 
Here are some pics...
The medium is long fiber sphagnum and Perlite 50/50%


so my questions are:
1° As you can see, the last leaf is very small, light green, i want to know if it is okay... if the plant is healthy (it is originated from stem cut)
2° My other nepenthes(accentual-koto and  alata) are fairly big so they are outside getting the morning sun, about 2, 3 hours, but since this one is small, should i put it in a place with less sun? until it grows a little more?
3° Considering it is stressed from shipping (took 5 days to arrive) i know i need it to settle down, but usually,  how long does it takes?
4° I always see other nepenthes growers to have alot live sphagnum in the pot, but so far i knew, they need constant water, so how can this be? i tried it, but it usually dries out...
anyway, thank you in advance...
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Hi, the plant looks healthy to me. Perhaps better not to put it in full sun until it has settled in and is growing. Personally i dont use much spaghnum so cant comment but truncatas dont need to be wet all the time, I usually let the compost get quite dry between waterings.

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The plant looks fine. It varies plant to plant how long it takes for the plant to settle so i would say a couple of days.As well you could bag up the plant, that reduces any stress the plant has.

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I agree with all that manders said. The plant looks fine.

Medium should be moist, but NOT too wet. It is easier to kill them from too much water, than not enough.

Allow to dry a little between watering, but NOT 'bone dry'.


5 Days in the post will not stress the plant, they can take much longer and still be fine.

Give it good light, but not direct sun for a while and just let it settle in.

All should be fine, these are much tougher than people are often led to believe.

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The leaf is just pale from having no light while growing, while in the postal system.  Solution:  Give the plant normal lighting :)

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