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whats best ?


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Hi,I got 3 nepenthes plants yesterday but am not sure were best to place them. I have a south facing Windows10zwkjr.jpg

There is my old boa viv with a repti glow 15w light20zqonr.jpg

Or I have a unheated greenhouse 6x6.thanks

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Your nepenthes are highland, so they could cook on a south facing windowsill or in your greenhouse with the temps we're getting at the moment. Far too hot and far too dry.

This time of year, you could place them outside in light shade with bright indirect light. They'll be warm and get good air circulation, not to mention plenty of bugs for the new pitchers. They'll be fine left out at night too, as nepenthes require a roughly 10 degree drop at night, one of a few contributing factors that encourage new pitcher growth. Give the pots good watering once a day when the sun has gone down and then mist the leaves early morning. Other nepenthes growers have different methods and ways of doing things, as it's all down to the individual's growing conditions around the world, but basically all the information is the same..... light, humidity, free draining soil.

Second choice for me (and what you would need to do come end of Autumn anyway) is put them in the box indoors with the light on a timer for daytime. I would also add a few trays/pots of water in any spare spaces to increase the humidity. And mist the plants once a day. Hang a thermometer in there and adjust the door gap to try and keep the temp between 20 and 25 degrees when the light is on. At night when the light is off, open the doors wide to allow the inside to cool down.

The greenhouse would need adapting really if you wanted to keep healthy nepenthes in there full time, with suitable heating, cooling, humidity, airflow, and light shade.

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Thanks for the replys

So if I put it on the windowsill an shade it on hot days thay will grow ok an make pitchers.

The unheated greenhouse is ok for the summer if I move the plants outside on the real hot days.when I move the plants into the house for winter will it lose pitchers from the change ? 

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