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Peatbog in the French Ardennes.

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I had last week-end a fantastic day at the Gué d'Hossus peatbog in the French Ardennes, near Belgium. I would like to thank Christophe M. for his help in locating the plants I admired in situ.


Here are my findings:


- Drosera rotundifolia:


- Drosera intermedia:


- Sundews with their preys:


-Vegetative apomixis (?) in Drosera rotundifolia:


Hope you will enjoy this.



All the best,



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I saw yesterday in an area north of Utrecht plenty Drosera rotundifolia. Its pretty common here where you get the right sort of habitat. Even in near my town is a population of it.



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Hi Francois,

I really enjoyed these blogs. Graet write up and photos.

Is this a patch right on the France-Belgium border? I can see somewhere that matches your description on Google maps. You can clearly see the trees encroaching from the old straight edge of the forestry line. We have similar problems in the New Forest on the UK.

Nice to see a horsefly getting grabbed... I really don't like those vicious little beggars ;-)



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Hello Francis 

Lovely photo,s You have inspired me to go out this summer and visit some bogs.  one plant I have not seen in the wild is butterworts and if any body knows of a site that can be done in a days drive from London then please post. 

thanks keith

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