Deformed heads, crispy heads, and floppy traps


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Hi all,


Over the last few weeks, I've had a few somewhat isolated incidents with my pitcher plants. I say isolated, because I have 5 or 6 'sections' of pitcher plants and what I am writing only applies to one section.


For some unknown reason, some of the traps have started to become deformed. Others have had their lids go crispy (on my largest ones as well, which worries me), and a few of them have flopped over (as you can see in the photos below). Does anyone know why? They have good sunlight, and are kept in about an inch of rainwater and are sprayed with rainwater every few days. Their colours are nice and green and there aren't any other indications of causes, from what I can see anyway.




















As always, any help is appreciated. Thankyou. 



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Is it just in that tray, if it is, I'd suggest quarantining those plants and separating them so others in the same tray don't get affected


Nope, they are in different trays. By section's I meant as in an area of the greenhouse, as I don't keep all my sarracenia's in one spot. 

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I've had some deformed pitchers this year, more than normal and not sure why. The dieback of the lid is often a sign of fungal infection of the rhizome, you may find that all the pitchers on that crown will die back, if so pull off the crown and dispose. Don't spray your Sarracenia with rainwater, they don't need it and this could be encouraging fungal infections.

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It could be some kind of plague, salts accumulated in the soil, weather variations,adaptation to a recently division or pot, not hunt prey  and weakens, etc.


The first leaves of the season are not improvements, to see how the following

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There are many things that can make pitchers deformed or twisted.

Aphids right in the crown of the plant but i don't think its this.Some of the pitchers look like they could have grown up under the lid of another pitcher and continued to grow.

can any birds get in?small birds often chase insects into mine,eg blue tits they perch on the pitcher

The crispy lids could just be due to the hot weather,if the doors are open in full sun and it gets breezy this can happen if the trays dry out a bit,also this would explain some going floppy.

They usually recover when more water is added to the trays but sometimes the kink in the pitcher wont come out because it has been bent too much for too long.Then the top of the pitcher tries to grow normally causing the bend upwards.


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Some of the deformed but otherwise healthy traps (especially the first two photos) look similar to something I have seen in my own plants and which is nothing more sinister than the developing leaf becoming caught on the greenhouse frame (especially the first two photos), flower heads, phyllode-tips, older pitcher lids etc. and squashing and/or bending themselves as they grow. A product of overcrowding in my case.

This is especially so in a couple of tall S. alata forms that `waggle' from side to side as they develop.



The crispy lids are another matter all together!

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