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Planted Aquariums


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Well I have many hobbies but the one that got me into growing plants was fish keeping. I think I actually spend more time messing with the plants than the fish! Does anyone else keep a planted fish tank? Tho I know some of you will have aquatic cp's! Tho I know nothing about them lol anyway here is a picture of one of my tanks



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Guest paul y

That's a lovely tank. Nice Crypts.  I used to have a planted tank but gave it up as my back got bad. It was based upon the Walstad method. The aquarium is now my CP terrarium.

lol 2 of my tanks have had there fish removed ready to be used for cps!

shame there isn't enough of us to warrant bespoke tanks as fish tanks certainly have some drawbacks for plants.

saying that I have seen an article on Japanese landscaped tanks and they were breathtakingly stunning and a well maintained tropical marine reef tank is the ultimate feature for a room.


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Looks good yeah, what do you have in there besides the obviously visible tetra's ? I used to have a 4 foot community tank but to be honest, i was working so many hours, 7 days a week at the time, that cleaning got neglected. So it all got cleaned up bit by bit and sold on to someone who had the time to commit to it.

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