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Lilum x Goldsmith (tetraploid)-photos!

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My sister in law told me that she hates the smell of lilies, and I can completely understand why.  The smell is sweet, but it has a powerful chemical background smell that sometimes overpowers the desirable characteristics.  I still like it, but some people just hate it!

I've never grown any of the "odd" or non-commercial variants of trumpet lilies until now, and what I learned is they don't all smell the same!  Lilium x Goldsmith has a fragrance that isn't over-powering, and the best I can describe it is ripe sweet bananas with a hint of citrus in the background without any chemical undertones.

Lilium x Goldsmith is a tetraploid, which is horiculturally significant because it has thicker petals and larger flowers.  Trumpet Lily flowers usually don't last long (usually a week max), but this one is claimed to last longer than normal.  In time, we will see.  IT looks like many of my other lily plants are about to bust open, so if you like lilies, stay tuned for more threads to come!

Lilum x Goldsmith, flowers opened 6/11/14, photo taken 6/12/14:




and last but not least, side view:


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