D. pedicellaris x callistos

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Dear all,


this hybrid was testing my patience for quite some time, but finally I was able to get a glimpse on the flowers. I somehow have the impression, that the flowers will only open completely and intact in at least warm conditions. Furthermore, for whatever reason they do not (or only rarely) open on weekends! Fortunately, this long weekend the plants decided to make an exception of this rule.


So far, it was quite frustrating only to see the not yet opened and then the closed flower again. Only once I was able to work from home just to get a crippled flower:


But at least the colour is unexpected and certainly promising.

Finally, here is an intact flower:





Two plants in flower (actually, two generations: the plant grown from seeds and one grown from gemmae this winter).



The colour is very similar to D. 'Dorks Pink' even though in the picture below the Dorks Pink seems to be orange. I did not see that on my camera screen. Sorry for this. Otherwise I would have tried a little more until it would have been better.


The inflorescence: quite similar to D. pedicellaris.


Finally, two pictures of the plant (taken in may):





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Dieter, i definitely surrender to his talent for creating hybrid pygmy Drosera. Few who holds such talent.

I congratulate you for this further done and wish you success in your cultivation.

Best regards,


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Dieter, good to know, because that was not so obvious. I once had a D. capensis x aliciae and I would never consider it an easy grower. It was very hard for me to grow on windowsill. It was very sun light sensitive, often was very, very pale green during the year. It grew fine only in the beginning of spring. I just gave it away one day. So not always a hybrid must be an easy grower, even if two paternal plants are.

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