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Merwnn introduction


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Hi all,

I saw that there are many French guys who join the forum recently, so I'm the next on the list ;) My name is Cyril and I'm living in Montpellier, and I almost finish my studies in computer science.


Otherwise, I grow carnivorous plants for 2 years I've got mainly droseras temperate and sub-tropical and some others species like Cephalotus, Nepenthès x ventrata, Sarracenia, Heliamphora (hybrid).

I grow inside in a terrarium and outside on a balcony in a little greenhouse ;)


Voilà !



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Welcome Cyril,

'Merwnn' sounds Welsh... What's the story there?




Haha actually, it comes from "Merwyn" name. But in fact it's not a pronounceable nickname, and it's quite funny to hear people trying to say it ^^

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