Darlingtonia versus green Sphagnum

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I have planted some Darlingtonia clones in a large green Sphagnum bog last year’s summer. My first experience with Darlingtonia californica. They have survived the winter and have now put up two flowers. Because grown outside through the year plant growth starts late spring. Whereas the green Sphagnum grows like weed. I have heard Darlingtonia will put up new long first pitchers. The old pitchers are starting to overgrow by Sphagnum.


Here is my dilemma, will the plant put up new pitchers when Sphagnum is chocking/overgrowing the plants? Should I be concerned and cut down the Sphagnum? Or should I let it all be, and expect normal new pitcher growth peaking through the Sphagnum? For cooling roots Large grow of fresh Sphagnum is ideal. My Preference is letting it all be. What do you think?






As for photo's see link to another forum:








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In my trays, if the Sphagnum tends to be a little on the vigorous side I just gently pat it down. Eventually it does seem to get the message and behaves itself  a little better.

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Finally went through in patting down the Sphagnum, thanks for the advice.

I already saw the first pitcher growth of this year peaking through the chocking Sphagnum bed, but the Sphagnum grows like crazy.

This new setting will probably be beneficial to the Darlingtonia. What do you think?


Pictures see link:




(Sorry, still haven’t mastered the pictures attachment skills on this forum)

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Hi Youri

I think I have the same dilemma.

Current photo:


I think the Spaghnum is getting too high and overgrows my Darlings. The moss is very high, around 10-11 cm.

So, should I cut it down? I think to replant the Darling into fresh peat or a very mineral soil.



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Nice healthy sphagnum. The new pitchers are coming up well out of the sphagnum, try patting it down where there are no pitchers.

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