P. mariae, P. hirtiflora and P. corsica

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Some pics from the collection of a friend of mine, Gabriele


P. mariae. The flowers show a great variability.



A huge flower with a little white spot



P. mariae... a really wonderful species




P. corsica from Creno lake



P. hirtiflora from Vietri. Here an impressive big flowering plant




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Impressive collection, impeccable cultivation. Congratulations, because you are a dedicated hobbyist.


Best regrads,



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Pinguicula mariae is a truly stunning species. Many thanks for sharing.

But i was asking myself, if they recieved a little bit too much heat? Because the corolla lobes of some plants seem a bit curled up (not by much though), or is this just due to natural variation? You have also seen the plants in situ, if i remember correctly? Can you enlighten me?

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