U. campbelliana - Cerro Roraima, Venezuela


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It seems that it has been forever since I first received this plant - but finally I get to see the flowers. Even though I knew what to expect, the reality of their size & amazing color was still shocking.


Years passed without a flower & now it sends up many (even the original mother plant has recently decided to send up a stalk) - maybe because this winter was so cold??

Slab & flowers

Flowers front

Flowers side

While taking pics & then pollinating the flowers, I noticed that this flower is quite different from all the other Orchidioides that I've played with: 1) there is almost no hinge (with the other species the hinge is very pronounced), 2) there is a distance between the stigma flap & the anthers & 3) there is a tunnel of sorts in which the stigma flap is parked dead center & even visible from the outside
The shiny piece visible in the tunnel is the flap. I had read that this species may be hummingbird pollinated vs insect. While I don't have enough info to know if this is true, the colors and unique adaptations from the other species would certainly suggest the possibility.

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Really stunning Ron - congratulations!!! This seems to be a very nice clone with the two yellow stripes on the petale...

Also the way you grow it seems to be a good choice. Did you they become a bit dry before they started to flower?

I think it's dry soil and low temperatures which induce flowering, but I'm not sure yet...




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would you please tell us sth.about your growing conditions? It´s always interesting and helpful to know sth.more about peoples individual setup to optimize ones own.

An extraordinary beauty you have!

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