Looking for information about Sarracenia in Walton Cty, Florida


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Dear all,


ages ago I obtained seed of the so called S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkei from a location called "Walton Cty., Florida". Nowadays the name is S. rosea and I still maintain some plants of that location.

One of the seedlings indeed grew into a hybrid I think between S. rosea and S. flava. Can anybody familiar with that location tell me what kind of S. flava are to be found there, whether that hybrid was seen in nature and perhaps give me some informations.




Kindest regards


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Hi stefan,

Walton County, FL is gigantic, and there were historically a lot of different populations of Sarracenias throughout the area. One of the most famous sites is the Wilkerson's property, which is in Northern Walton Co, FL. Here's an S. rosea from that area: http://sarracenia.proboards.com/thread/331/rosea-walton-fl

This is where S. x Leah Wilkerson (moorei), flava rugelii, S. rosea, and S. leucophylla all grow together in one field. There are a lot of hybrids from this area. If you go down to the Southern region of Walton County, there are more S. flava var. ornatas, S. leucophylla, roseas, and S. psittacinas. Most of these populations are now extinct in the wild.

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