rare cultivar?

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Thought it must be a con, but this guy's done a lot of trading and has good feedback. Glad to see no one's bidding on it.

He has - some how.

Have you seen his 'terms and conditions' - leave him negative or neutral feedback and he'll take you to court :triniti:  :laugh1:

The pic of the guy by the car is probably him :sarcastic_hand:

I decided a while ago from all that crap, that he wasn't someone I wanted to trade with.

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I,ve just read the terms and conditions that Phil Highlighted, no wonder he has good feedback.


Good job i saw this pile of crap he was trying to sell,he won't be ripping anyone one off with plants for a while.



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I emailed him and suggested that the wider community had never heard of this variety

I asked him a question as well and he replied that the name was what was on the label when he got it. He says he'll grow it on this year and see what he's got. If he's had it a few years (as he says) how come he doesn't know what it looks like?

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