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Ti§h's CP - 24 OCT : Random update from 3rd week oct

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I was taking some photos of the plant with my mobile phone and just decided to switch to video mode to see what happens. I thought it was interesting to see a video of some plants in macro and edit a little...


These are some young plants and seedlings


Here's the video, best view in full HD and full screen "Selection at youtube bottom right"

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There were so many pitcher coming from the Heli, I've decided to make a time lapse on it. Aiming at the biggest pitcher coming up at that time, unfortunately it was't an adult pitcher yet.... At least we can witness 2 pitcher opening up at the beginning...


Best watch in full screen and full HD (option found at bottom right of youtube player)


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Drosera 'Marston Dragon' 

A winged termite lands on the dews of the Marston Dragon - while struggling to get free. Out of no where, a jumping spider (salticidae) launched out and grabbed the termite sinking it's venomous mandibles into the back. Then, it steals the food away from the dragon....







Best view in full hd 720 / 1080 and full screen

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Alright, I've been playing with my DSLR recently because of the new diffuser gives better result now.


Here's some lucky shot.... 


Drosera Intermedia EM Pond Flower



The withered and seed filled flower bud still nice in the package



I gently removed the dried petals




Here's what I think


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31 May 2015: Heavy Photo Updates


First, let start off with a couple of flowers since the drosera are flowering....


Drosera Natalensis Flower



Drosera Burmannii Humpty Doo Flower



The flower stalk of the Burmannii at it's record tallest with me, 30cm +





DM (Need a name)



DM Cupped Trap - Putting out a lot of growth



Nepenthes Gracilis seedling



Nepenthes Rebecca Soper



Heliamphora Minor



Drosera Beleziana young plants



Drosera Burmannii Humpty Doo Young plant



Drosera Adelae and a True bug (Plataspididae - Brachyplatys)





Drosera Adelae and a Winges trapped jaw ant



Dm Clayton's Red Sunset and a Winged Termite




Cephalotus F. - Leaf pulling at 6months ?



DM Cupped Trap small diversion



Pinguicula Moranensis Hybrid - Duo


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Of all common Carnivorous plants, Nepenthes is one of them then I've been resisting. Space is a problem for me always. Recently, I've taking a peek into the Nepenthe's world, and little did I know - I've been poisoned. 


I already have the N. Gracilis, N Ventrata, N Rebecca Soper. 

Last few days, I've traded and bought a few more :D N. Rafflesiana, N. Miranda cutting and N. Ampullaria


My current N. Rebecca Soper 



N. Miranda basal cutting - Nice pitcher






N. Rafflesiana




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Nice plants !

If space is an issue try some smaller nepenthes, like glabrata for example.

I was going to try a bicalarata , perhaps that will be final :D


The nepenthes syndrome is a dangerous one  :Laie_97:


Very nice pics!

Thanks :)


Luckily I can only grow them indoor mostly, my apartment is on level 5 

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5 July : Byblis Liniflora flower bloom


The new Byblis Liniflora which I just bought, the flower did not bloom for me on the first day. Perhaps it was a little stress after a quick repot. But on the second day it did!! It was sunday and I had the opportunity to take good photos with my DSLR set. 
Please enjoy!
First with just frame of almost whole plant, perhaps 10cm tall, 3-4 flowers.
Here's a closed up, Anther and Stigma present. Pollen too?
Closer view to see if we can identify where the pollens are? In the centre?
2 views more on the whole flower.
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08 July: More nepenthes photos update


My Nepenthes Rafflesiana new pitcher has open it's lid. So I've decided to take photos of the new pitcher when it is still fresh. With my DSLR and a few photo stack.
Nepenthes Rafflesiana : old pitcher
The new pitcher has open it's lid 07 july in late morning.
A closer view at the peristome
Nepenthes Ampullaria with ligh red peristome 
Another view
Nepenthes Ampullaria with yellowish green peristome
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