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Martin Hingst

Amuri tepui - Part II

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Here some pics of our first day on Amuri. Planning the day ( here: Andy, Andreas, Stew und Ch'ien)




Not only our first day on this mountain, but also my first steps on a tepui at all. Everything was new - and so exciting. My first D. roraimae - couldn't get enough of it.




U. amethystina:




D. arenicola:






and the Pretty Heliamphora - H. pulchella:




Of course a highlight. For me the most beautiful of all Heliamphora species. Here a closeup (some more will follow in Part III)




There were also many wonderful non-carnivorous plants. Little wonders just everywhere. A Gesneriaceae?:




Maguireothamnus speciosus:




Stegolepis ligulata with its blue iridescent leaves. Never seen something like that before.




Especially beautiful were these plant islands, here with Brocchinia, Drosera, Utricularia and Xyris. In the background once again an iridescent Stegolepis ;-)




And at the end of the day, my first U. quelchii in the wild:




Very pinkish, in contrast to the red ones on Roraima. I am quite sure in between that there is a correlation of colour and altitude (esp. because of min. temperature and UV radiation). The higher we came in the next weeks, the less pink and the more red the quelchii were.




What a great day, that I will never forget.

In the evening, back at the camp and enjoying the sundown on Amuri.




Some day I will have to go back there...






Part I                                 Part II                                Part III                               Part IV





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Martin, many thanks for taking the time to share your photo's with us.


It's always nice to see CP's in habitat. But equally nice to see the other species which grow with them.

And those views are just breath taking - I do envy you.


Looking forward to the future parts of this trip.


Wishing you every success with your desire to return one day.


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Thanks :-) well, the political situation in Venezuela doesn't make me too optimistic, at least for the near future. But noone really knows... 

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What an amazing place and spectacular plants. They sure are lost worlds and it must have been an honour to visit. Do you need permits to visit them or can anyone with enough money fly up there?


Really looking forward to part III


Regards Neil

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Nigel HC

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Thanks again :) 


I think you'll need both - permits and some small change. While you can get the former with the latter ;)


Part III this weekend, hopefully.





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