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Heliamphora & other jewels of my highland terrarium

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Hi all,

It has been a while since I showed pictures of my set-up, so I have decided to launch this thread.

Here we go.Heliamphora tatei {Cerro Huachamachare} :13467849044_20f77fe583_o.jpgHeliamphora tatei {Cerro Marahuaka} :13467855114_71775ff3f2_o.jpgHeliamphora neblinae {Cerro Neblina} :13467509735_411763c0e0_o.jpgHeliamphora glabra {Wei Tepui}. I have accidentally broken one growing point recently :(. I'm going to try my 'highest cutting' ever :13467502875_67f81f0f76_o.jpgHeliamphora purpurascens {Ptari Tepui} :13467844324_6d95c64097_o.jpgHeliamphora elongata {Karaurin Tepui} :13467604863_af7c392e4d_o.jpgHeliamphora sarracenioides {Ptari Tepui} :13467484015_49005a4ecc_o.jpgHeliamphora minor var. pilosa {Auyan Tepui} :13467835904_33f3dc4b88_o.jpgHeliamphora minor "Giant" {Aonda, AuyanTepui} :13467490855_1de6ae6a96_o.jpgHeliamphora nutans {Yuruani Tepui} :13467471875_05cd06a2f1_o.jpgUtricularia mannii :13467465785_923243d4bd_o.jpgUtricularia jamesoniana :13468050215_c1e840fe10_o.jpg

Deserving a special highlight, as it is currently blooming in my terrarium for the first time, Utricularia campbelliana {Wei Tepui} :13468503763_32f12c97fb_o.jpg13468409365_d307d03eec_o.jpg13468753594_19dc1fa9e9_o.jpg13468751434_c407fc4e9a_o.jpg13468407145_213a25aa7a_o.jpg

More to come :13468514273_4cd4508f8f_o.jpg

Not really a highland plant, but getting well as I have never been truly successful with this species, Pinguicula planifolia :13467478715_885c8a1b10_o.jpg




Are these plants (Heliamphora) easy to keep?

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Are these plants (Heliamphora) easy to keep?



Basically, there are not the easiest species to keep. As they are highland plants, they require fresh environment and high level of light for best results. Think about no more than 25°C all along the year, with night drop if you can, and high hygrometry.

However, many growers have some tolerant hybrids growing on their windowsill Try to look up on the forum, with hybrids with H. heterodoxa, H. minor, H. nutans and H. ionasi. You should stumble upon interesting threads. As a beginning : http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38305.

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Fantastic plants and pictures.  What camera/lens are you using?

Thanks Devon, it's a Canon 7D, most of the time with the Canon 100mm L and sometimes with the Tamron 24-70 VC.


I have recently finished to repot all my plants. They were really in such a need, and I believe they will now grow more quickly, as I think some of them were clearly suffering before.


Here is an overview :



A happy Utricularia amethystina {Roraima Tepui}, first time I get to see this flower :




Utricularia mannii {Cameroun} is on the way to flower again thyis year :



The delighting colour of Heliamphora pulchella {Churi Tepui} :



Heliamphora nutans {Roraima Tepui}, shining :



Heliamphora huberi {Akopan Tepui} :



Heliamphora folliculata {Murosipan Tepui} :


Heliamphora uncinata {Amuri Tepui} :



A recent pitcher of Heliamphora pulchella {Akopan Tepui} :



Heliamphora exappendiculata {Chimanta Tepui} :



Drosera grantsaui {Grão Mogol, Minas Gerais, Brazil}, look bullied after the repotting :



Drosera kaieteurensis {Chimanta Tepui} :


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Wow, congrats on all the beautiful plants!! I especially liked the sundews and Utrics of course. :)  Would love to see close-ups of those vertical panels you have in the back.

Hi Fernando, sorry for the delay. I'll take some pictures in a near future of the xaxim panels when the plants are more established on it. I'm not yet completely satisfied with the overall result, as I must give it a bit of time, and I have yet to put some species, mainly Utricularia.


As for now, here are some pictures of Utricularia mannii in its pot and on the xaxim, which is now starting to bloom. I do really like this species, a very interesting one.


The whole pot :




The flower :





A side view :



And the ones growing on the xaxim :



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Wonderful photos !

An inspiration to try and do similar if my greenhouse big garden takes off !

Check out www.Floydsdadonthepans.wordpress.com

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I'm glad you like them ;-).


I've moved in another flat with my terrarium, quite a pain to be at the second floor. But finally, it's done.

Moreover, the monitoring of my set-up was temporary, but I benefited from the Xmas holidays to achieve it in a safer and more definite way. Now, it's finished at 99.99% (for the moment ;)). Just need to fix it to the wall and mask thoses wires:





And now the plants. A not yet fully opened pitcher of Heliamphora elongata {Karaurin Tepui}:

A nice pitcher produced by Heliamphora pulchella {Akopan Tepui}:

Flower yet to be cut on Heliamphora pulchella {Churi Tepui}:

Heliamphora "Tequila":

Heliamphora minor {Aonda, Auyan Tepui} :

Heliamphora heterodoxa {Sierra La Lema, near Luepa}:

Heliamphora huberi {Angasima Tepui} :

Another Heliamphora elongata {Karaurin Tepui} :

Utricularia furcellata {Gunung Murud} :

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Hi Vince,


great looking plants as usual and what a fuse box.

Until now i havn´t heard of U. furcellata.

Hopefully you can show us soon some pictures of the flowers.


You mentioned that you use whie LED lighting.

Can you tell some more details about it, the manufacturor and so on.


Best regards,


Edited by Daniel O.
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You have a nice collection of plants and you do well in photographing them.  Both skill are at it's best for presentation :) 


I like how you use stacking on closed up and multiple focus required subject like the 17 stacked flower. it's flawlessly done. 


A tip on sundew, naturally you will get vintage, but see if you have a retouch option after stack, or you can always use a clone tool in PS to get rid of the,


These were stacked, less than 10, perhaps 5.



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Here is a picture of a Utricularia furcellata in situ, identified by A. Fleischmann thanks to Aymeric:



I really like those Utricularia from Phyllaria section. I hope I'll be able to make it thrive, and send some divisions in order to have it spread among growers. But it will take some time.


About the white leds, they are multi-chips high-power LED, 100W each, and I have 4 of them. This is some DIY of mine and here are some old pictures :

Hidden :



Unveiled :







I have been detailing further my set-up on the French carnivorous forum at this address : http://forumcarnivore.org/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=23582

However, it is in... French, so, do not hesitate to ask me for more detailed if necessary.


Here is a ppt scheme that I made a while ago:



I have had them above my terrarium for roughly 2.5 years. The leds and drivers come from satisled.


Thank you Tish, I wish I have more time to take more pictures using focus stacking technique. This is truly a holy technique to max out the beauty of a picture. Unfortunately, it's quite time-consuming, both in setting up the photographic tools, and then, processing the picture. Aside from that, the outcome is always breathtaking, and a sweet for the eyes :).

I like your pictures. I have never tried on Drosera actually. It has always been done for Utricularia. When I have some Drosera in a better shape, I'll try some focus stacking shots, and will post them here ;).

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Hi Vince,


a really wonderful flower.

And many thanks for your detailed information about your lighting.

Indeed a really great setup.

Perhaps i have to choose something similar for my new highland terrarium.


Best regards,


Edited by Daniel O.
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Thanks for the kind comments.


Dani, they might worth the try depending on the use you'll make of them. I have been statisfied enough in using leds so that I don't want to use fluorescent lights back, but for less light-demanding and smaller plants, I would still think of fluorescent lights with a short distance between the plants and the light source.


Instead of building it yourself, you may consider buying some ready-made floodlight, which are not over exepensive nowadays. Actually, they should be more or less the same price as the PL 2x55W kit.


Oliver, I wish you the same pleasure in growing them that I find myself ;).

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