Better Homes & Gardens CP segment on TV this Friday, March 21

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Hi guys


An Australian TV show called Better Homes and Gardens confirmed with me on the weekend that they will be airing a CP segment this Friday, March 21.



According to the Melbourne TV guide, the show starts at 7pm on Channel 7, then due to the AFL match, it switches to Channel 7Two at 7.30pm.


The producer said that it came out pretty amazing, so I can only hope!



(As this is probably a Australian show only, once it's aired I'll see if it's available to watch on their website and will give you the link.)





VCPS President

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Hi Neil


It should be substantial as they were filming at my house from 8.30am to 3.30pm, and said the segment could probably go for  at least 5 minutes, depending on how they edit it and how much time they want it to run for.


I received a confirmation email last Friday and the producer said that it looked amazing so I can only hope that it came out well.



There main aim for Better Homes and Gardens was to film a garden that contains unusual plants growing in them, so I sent them a few photos of a peat bog and pond that I built in 2010 that contains some Sarras, VFT's, Drosera and Utrics.


They were pleasantly surprised that you could grow them easily outside and asked if they could come around to film the peat bog, pond and my plants in my 2 greenhouses and also interview me about them.


As they wanted the easiest genera to grow for the general public, they concentrated mainly on VFT's, Sarracenia, Drosera and Nepenthes, but also filmed some Cephalotus and Utricularia.


Graham Ross was the presenter that came out to do the interviewing and talk about the plants.




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This is the pond 6 months after construction in 2010.




3 years later!

A word of advice, don't plant flax too close to anything as most varieties have a 2-3m spread and in this case began choking the pond.

Consequently they have now been removed.



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Just watched this over here and was really impressed. I don't think Better homes and gardens has ever dedicated such a section to a specialist plant group before. They must have been really taken with your collection. I've got it saved on my T-box but I think it's impossible to move it to your PC via a usb stick otherwise I'd put it on You tube. Hope you can find a link somewhere.


Regards Neil

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Hi Steve

I saw you on Better Homes and Gardens and did a web search to try to find out more and see you on this post.

I have some ideas regarding carnivorous plants I would like to share with you.


What is your email address and phone number? You can find my website and contact information along with my carnivorous plants that have a self waterng wick system at

Regards Richard.

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